Analogue Heaven Day 2

The gang – (L-R) Me, Declan and Oded


Today we were left to our own devices as Dr Nye Parry, our mentor, had other business to attend to. None of us was quite sure what we should aim to achieve during the week. To discuss our thoughts and get inspiration from nature, it seemed like a good idea to walk to Mudchute City Farm and see the animals.


When we returned we had a clearer idea of what we all wanted to achieve. We all had different ideas about what we might like to work on with Declan interested in ‘chop and screw’ vinyl-editing effects, Oded wanting to work with the bank of analogue synthesisers available to us and me still playing around with bits of tape.

Declan brought in some second-hand vinyl to play with and the two of us worked out how to make loops on it by sticking bits of splicing tape over the grooves and creating beat effects by carefully made scratches using razor blades. As an experiment I engraved a portrait of 50 Cent onto the 50 Cent record – it just sounded scratched…

Oded worked out how to use the Korg MS20 and made some phat sounds, playing around with the two Voltage Controlled Oscillators at different levels, waveforms and tunings; adjusting the Low Frequency Oscillators and the High and Low Pass filters. He then found a YouTube clip that showed us how to use an input sounds as a control frequency to modulate any of the parameters on the patch bay. Having watched this, we connected the turntable and played the 50 Cent loop into the synthesiser. The result was the sound and pitch of the synthesiser with the envelope of the 50 cent controlling the filters – an interesting effect!

Oded then had to leave and at this point we discovered that the tape machine had stopped working. Although we could still play tapes on it, it seemed that the record head no longer worked we couldn’t record anything that we made. This seemed like a good time to finish for the day!


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